Uberlândia, a pleasant city of about 700,000 residents is located in the heart of Brazil, providing the small town spirit with urban life, blended by a notorious cuisine. Quality of life, job prospects, safety, and cost of living have turned Uberlândia into an attractive city for college students, faculty, business executives and professional service providers. The fast and sustainable development of Uberlândia was recognized in a United Nations photo exhibition at the World Expo 2010 – “Better City, Better Life”. Its high quality of life is reflected by the ever increasing human development indexes, among the best of the state. Uberlândia is located in the southwest of Minas Gerais state, and is a pole of the Triângulo Mineiro.


Uberlândia is connected to major cities of Brazil by federal highways (the so-called BRs): BR-050, BR-365, BR-455, BR-452 and BR-497 (for Google Map click here).

Uberlândia airport (Ten. Cel. Aviador César Bombonato – UDI ) Served by flights from many cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, etc. The airline companies that operate in this airport are: Gol, Tam, Azul and Passaredo.

How to arrive from…

Belo Horizonte (BH) – MG

Driving: The road distance is 536 km (333 mi). Take BR-262 in BH and go towards Araxá (MG), where you’ll enter BR-452, that leads to Uberlândia.

Bus: In Belo Horizonte’s bus station http://migre.me/lUi6o you can take a bus to Uberlândia with a company called Gontijo http://www.gontijo.com.br/.

Air: From Belo Horizonte’s Tancredo Neves International Airport (Confins – CNF) the companies Gol, Tam, and Azul fly to Uberlândia. From Pampulha Airport (PLU)there are also flights to Uberlândia, but only via Azul airlines. (One can commute between these two airports by shuttle service or taxi).

Campinas – SP

Driving: The road distance is 510 km (317 mi). One only has to get to Rodovia Anhanguera (continuing to BR-050) and it goes straight to Uberlândia.

Bus: From Campinas’ bus station (Ramos de Azevedo), the companies Viação Motta (http://www.motta.com.br/index.php) and Nacional Expresso can take you to Uberlândia.

Air: From Viracopos International Airport (VCP)there are flights to Uberlândia by Gol, Tam and Azul airlines.

Brasília – DF

Driving: The road distance is 423 km (~263 mi). Get on BR-040 in Brasília and when you reach Cristalina city, in Goiás state (GO), take BR-050 towards Uberlândia.

Bus: Trips to Uberlândia by Real Expresso from Brasília’s bus station.

Air: Brasília International Airport Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek (BSB) has flights to Uberlândia by Gol, Tam, Azul.

Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Driving: The driving distance between Rio de Janeiro and Uberlândia depends on the roadway you choose. Driving through São Paulo state, the distance is about 986 km (612 miles). One pays more toll taxes via this route, but the roads are better. In Rio de Janeiro get on Rodovia Presidente Dutra (BR 116) towards São Paulo state. Right after Jacarei (SP) turn right towards Rodovia Dom Pedro I (SP-065) then in Campinas (SP) merge into Rodovia Anhanguera, that leads to Uberlândia, MG.

Another route is to go through the state of Minas Gerais (one pays less tolls) the distance is about 956 km (593 mi) but the roads are narrow and curvy (we suggest you to study the way before traveling). There are toll booths in both paths.

Bus: Trips to Uberlândia are provided by Viação Motta and Expresso União from Rio de Janeiro Bus Station (Terminal Novo Rio).

Air: Airline companies Gol, Tam and Azul fly to Uberlândia from both Rio’s airports: Santos Dumont Airport (SDU)and Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (Galeão – GIG).

São Paulo – SP

Driving: The road distance is 590 km (366 mi). In São Paulo get on SP-348, known as Rodovia dos Bandeirantes. Continue to Campinas and switch to Rodovia Anhanguera. Continue on BR-050 to get to Uberlândia (passing through Ribeirão Preto-SP and Uberaba, in MG). There are many toll booths along this roadway (together, tolls will be about R$ 90,00).

Bus: You can get a bus to Uberlândia from Barra Funda or Tietê bus stations, both in the city of São Paulo. The companies are Eucatur (from Barra Funda) and Nacional Expresso (from Tietê).

Air: Airlines Gol and Tam can get you to Uberlândia from Congonhas International Airport (CGH). From Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)the airlines are Gol, Tam, Azul and Passaredo.

Note.: Information about taxi and car rental companies in these cities can be found in the web pages of the airports or bus stations. There is also information about connection to others airports and to bus stations.