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  •  BWSP - The 17th Brazilian Workshop on Semiconductor Physics took place in Uberlândia, with several international speakers and a broad scientific program. Please check invited speakers, photos, here.


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Presentations files

Mariana Introduction to DFT (part 1, part 2) - tutorial UFV 2018
Gerson Breve introdução a isolantes topológicos e fases topológicas da matéria - aulas EBEE/2018
Gerson Confinement and fermion doubling problem in Dirac-like Hamiltonians
Mariana Time-dependent resonant tunneling model via nonequilibrium Green's functions
Gerson Spin drift and diffusion in one- and two-subband spin-orbit coupled systems
Gerson Topological Nonsymmorphic Ribbons out of Symmorphic Bulk
Mariana Sobre a massa EFETIVA negativa (journal club)
Mariana De funcionais da densidade às funções de Green fora do equilíbrio: ferramentas de modelagem eletrônica
Gerson Sobre o prêmio Nobel de física 2016, fases e transições de fase topológicas (journal club)
Gerson Spin drift and diffusion in one- and two-subband helical systems [link to video]
Mariana Introdução ao LaTeX
Gerson Introdução ao Linux
Gerson Difusão de spin via movimento Browniano
Gerson Spintrônica
Gerson Magnetically defined qubits on 3D topological insulators - ICTP Workshop  
Gerson Dynamics and Zitterbewegung on topological insulator stripes [video] - SPIE
Edson Majorana modes and Kondo effect in a quantum dot attached to a topological superconducting wire [video] - SPIE
Mariana Density-functional Theory (part1, part2) - download if visualization is slow
Mariana Nonequilibrium Green's functions


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