Group Meetings

Estamos nos reunindo às terças-feiras às 14h no 1X44 para discutir trabalhos em andamento e artigos interessantes da literatura.

We are currently meeting on Mondays to discuss ongoing projects and interesting papers in the literature.


Selection of papers


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Na reunião apresentamos resumos de trabalhos recém-publicados que possam interessar ao grupo. Clique nos pdfs abaixo para acompanhar. We select recently published articles, click on the pdfs below.

Submission (apenas para membros do grupo / group members only)



Date Speaker Title
04/09 Gerson Transições de fase topológicas
11/09 Fabrício -
18/09 Joelson Interação RKKY na presença de acoplamento spin-órbita em fios quânticos
09/10 Augusto Topological crystalline insulators
16/10 Ramon Eliminando o problema do duplicamento de férmions em nanofitas de grafeno: modelos e condições de contorno via teoria de grupos
23/10 Gabriel Kondo effect in Weyl Semimetal
30/10 Renan Spin Hall effect and Zitterbewegung in an electron waveguide
06/11 Gustavo The Kondo Model and Poor Man's Scaling
13/11 Ismael Nonequilibrium Green's functions and the Boltzmann equation
27/11 George  
04/12 Mariana  


Date Speaker Title
04/03 Gerson Effects of edge terminations on monolayer topological crystalline insulators via group theory and DFT Papers
24/03 Gerson Highlights of the 2016 March Meeting  Papers
07/04 Mariana Conductance measurement of spin-orbit coupling in the two-dimensional electron systems with in-plane magnetic field Papers
07/04 Edson Kondo-like zero-bias conductance anomaly in a three-dimensional topological insulator nanowire Papers
17/10 Joelson Andreev and Majorana bound states in single and double quantum dot structures Papers
31/10 Ginetom Single Quantum Level Electron Turnstile Papers
07/11 Fabrício Density-matrix formulation for system and reservoir Papers
21/11 Mariana Time-dependent resonant tunneling transport: partitioned and non-partitioned schemes Papers


27/08 Maryzaura Out-of-equilibrium electronic transport in quantum dots coupled to superconductors (I)  
15/09 Joelson
Andreev bound states in triple quantum dots with superconducting leads.
22/09 Gilmar  Quantum impurities in a system with spin-orbit coupling Papers
06/10 Gisele Kondo effect in a graphene nanoribbon Papers
13/10 Ginetom Electronic and Transport Properties of Carbon Nanotubes: Spin-orbit coupling and External Electric Field - Possible Host for Majorana Bound States? Papers
20/10 Gerson Random walk spin dynamics in 2DEGs Papers
27/10 Renan Interpreting attoclock measurements of tunneling times Papers
03/11 Edson Interaction effects on a Majorana zero mode leaking into a quantum dot Papers
10/11 Bruno Kolmogorov complexity in nature: definition, measurement and applications Papers
17/11 Alan Löwdin Perturbation Theory Papers
24/11 Gabriel Dynamics of the Kondo Lattice Model Papers
01/12 Mariana Nonequilibrium Green's functions in the resonant tunneling problem Papers
08/12 Maryzaura Out-of-equilibrium electronic transport in quantum dots coupled to superconductors (II) Papers